Make your first experience a positive one.


As a First time home buyer, it's important to be informed

in one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. 


Cardinal & Keys Home Inspections, help First time home buyers make informed decisions, by providing thorough,professional and objective inspections. With the personalized service you deserve and...


Valuable Add-Ons at no extra cost.

We cater to First Time Home Buyers with value added services that provide personalized advice, ongoing support and the best value for your money, at no extra charge.

First time home buyers benefit from a free follow up consultation with every Home Inspection. We'll come back for a seasonal follow up at your convenience. 

You'll  also receive Free Infrared Thermal Imaging, Recall Check on Appliances and Home maintenance and reference information included with your Inspection Report.


We know what it's like to be a First Time Home Buyer and we can help make your first experience a positive one.


And the most valuable perk our clients appreciate most, is that we're always available for ongoing follow up support as long as you own your home. 


Call, text or email us anytime to find out how we can help!

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